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 Aberdeenshire Scotland

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Aboyne outfit in Dress Purple Ross with black waistcoat (waistcoat, smocked skirt, plaited plaid, blouse and petticoat) SOLD

From approx age 9 years.

To fit chest 26 - 28”

To fit waist 22 - 24½”

To fit nape to  waist 12 - 13”

Skirt length  originally was 17½” with a 6” hem , as per photo.

(hem has been lowered to about 22”, but can easily be shortened)

Very good condition, one careful owner, pet-free, smoke-free.

located NE Scotland

Please email    kathryn.thomson45@btinternet.com




As I am no longer making outfits to order,

I now have customers asking if anyone has any ‘used’ Highland Reel outfits for sale!

If  you have any of  my outfits which are no longer required please check the ’wanted’ list below

and contact directly using the highlighted email link. Thank you .


WANTED - three Highland Reel items -


1. Cerise Aboyne waistcoat to fit chest 31”, back length of  nape to waist 15”

2. Hornpipe to fit chest 31”

3. Jig Dress to fit chest 31”


Please email lallypotts@aol.com